Dr. Manishaa Yadava's work has been featured and published in many national-international magazines & newspapers. Find an insight here.


FEATURED ON THE COVER OF DE MODE Magazine - World's No.1 Business & Lifestyle Magazine.

Dr. Manishaa Yadava was featured on the cover of JUL-AUG 2019 Edition of DÉ MODÉ Magazine under "Author of the Month" Issue which was read by people in India, Italy, France, Thailand, Istanbul & United States. She gave an exclusive interview to DÉ MODÉ in which she talked about her life, her writings and her contribution to the literary world.


FEATURED ON THE COVER OF LITERARY MIRROR - A literary magazine solely focused on literature

Dr. Manishaa Yadava was recently featured on the cover of JANUARY 2020 Edition of LITERARY MIRROR Magazine.

book launch

in thailand

Dr. Manishaa Yadava books "Mere Khayal" & "Dariya-E-Ehsaas" were recently launched in Thailand under "Top 10 Books of 2019" at an international event in Bangkok. Her achievements in the literary world was mentioned during the book launch and few of her writings were translated & narrated among the audience. Also, few complimentary copies were distributed among the hindi-reading audience.

Photos by: Azusa Uchida (Official Photographer of DE MODE in Hong Kong & Thailand)